MEZZOuomo (HALBERmensch)

Stefano Strgar

my name is Strgar. Stefano Strgar.

If you find it hard to pronounce my surname, try splitting it:
STR |like STRange| – GAR |like GARage|.

If you still have problems, well, maybe you are dyslexic; don’t worry, a good speech therapist will do.

Jokes apart, I have Slovenian origins.
My granpa was born in a small village in the woods on the Isonzo river banks, Rocjni. My home town is Rho and, unfortunately, the only thing they have in common is that both names start with an R… sigh!

What else? I spend my childhood hanging around in the streets with my friends, spending hard-earned tips in videogames, candies and stickers: the best days of my life.
After the primary school and all money had gone, I moved on to the junior high school, spending three years “meditating” and improving the knowledge of my + “intimate” own (you are smart enough to know what I mean…)
As I showed great manual skills (really?!) and artistic taste, my mother decided that I should attend a TECHNICAL SCHOOL FOR SURVEYORS AND ACCOUNTANTS…
(back then, my opinion was less than zero)
Note: I still love you, mum.

After getting my diploma, I rejected the idea of university… Heaven knows what department my mother would have chosen for me.
(back then, my opinion was still less than zero)

So, having escaped university, it was time for my army service.
A thrilling and stimulating year?

Yes, riding a chair in an office of the army district.

Now that I am the master of a life I have not chosen, I make a distressing and poorly paid job. But during my leisure time, I have a respectable hobby:

taking pictures of GARBAGE & WASTE, solid urban waste.

So, you’re welcome.

I have deprived my images of all that would make them beautiful and alluring in the new millennium, such as: “lacquered nails, silicone prothesis, make-up, peeling, anti-wrinkles masks, body creams, liposuction”… and I present them to you exactly as I saw them with my own eyes (all three).
Naked and crude.
…like your mother waking you up early in the morning, rollers in her hair, no make-up, dressing gown and coffee breath.

That’s all you need to know, you will understand the rest in the next thrilling episodes. Enjoy.
I suggest you keep a lifebelt at hand, you’ll need it.

You are venturing onto dark and stormy waters.

PS: each picture is a part of me (lucky guy, uh?)

Press office and PR:
Debora Cavallotti 349.23.75.101